After Heriot’s Blog

Welcome to the FP Blog which showcases our wonderful FPs and documents their memories of school, career journeys and personal/professional successes since leaving Lauriston Place

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Andrew Thornton (Class of 2012)

Marketing, Public Health Scotland

Chris Sibbald (Class of 2008) 

Managing Director, Finsbury Glover Hering

Kirsty Mackenzie (Class of 2002)

Owner of iMultiply, Recruitment

Naomi Pryde (Class of 2002)

Solicitor Advocate and Scotland’s Lawyer of the Year

Julia Brown (Class of 2015)

Actor, film and television

Andrew Orr (Class of 1995) 

Managing Director, Independent Entertainment

Sarah Dannfald (Class of 2006)

Community Fundraiser

Phil Lowe (Class of 1998)

English Teacher

Erika Budd (Class of 2013)

Associate Producer

Caroline Desmulliez (Class of 1987)


Sophie Richardson (Class of 2008)

Production Manager/Coordinator for BBC Studios

Cameron Hutchison (Class of 2016)

Heriot’s Super 6 Rugby Player

Lisa Graham (Class of 2001)

Senior Charge Nurse/Team Lead for the NHS

Jacqueline Pentland (Class of 1997)

Occupational Therapist

Andrew Wildgoose (Class of 2006)

Managing Director of Goose’s Quizzes

Elizabeth Wells (Class of 2014)

Music Teacher

Harris Hamilton (Class of 2014)


Sam William Stobart (Class of 2013) 

Subsea Systems Engineer

Leanne Farmer (Class of 1991) 

Owner and Founder of A Wee Pedal

Andrew Skinner (Class of 2003)

Day Service Manager, Charity

Dr Katie Logan (Class of 2012)

Energy Policy Researcher

Natalie Shering (Class of 1995)

Managing Director

Kyra Ferguson-Wardle (Class of 2011)

Chartered Civil Engineer

Sam Zawadzki (Class of 2008)

CEO of Property Technology Ltd.

Matt Arnold (Class of 2011)

Junior Doctor

Jodie Oliver-Howar (Class of 2001)


Emun Elliot (Class of 2001)


Pursue what excites you and whatever makes you feel happy and fulfilled.
Emun Elliot
Your education at Heriot’s is a gift for the rest of your life – relish it.
Andrew Wildgoose
The ethos of kindness; encouraged between classmates, of staff to pupils, and of the school to the wider community, has shaped who I am and my choice of career.
Jacqueline Pentland