Admissions process

George Heriot’s provides a full education from age 4 to 18, with most children joining us in Primary 1, Primary 6, Primary 7 or Senior 1. George Heriot’s is a selective school – admission is based on performance in an entry assessment.

The school is happy to consider applications for places in other years, including Senior 6. For curricular reasons, we do not admit new pupils to Senior 4. Entrance assessments are age-appropriate, with every effort made to ensure that children feel relaxed and enjoy the experience.

As a day school, Heriot’s has a diverse pupil population and accepts applications from families across the globe who decide to make Edinburgh their base. Please note Heriot’s does not accept applications from those applying for a Tier 4/Student visa; we can only accept international pupils if they are cited as a dependant(s) on their parents’ visa or have leave to remain in the UK.

The Nursery accepts children for their pre-school year and places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to siblings where possible. We cannot guarantee that siblings will be offered a place, however a sibling application received well in advance can help. While it is hoped that Nursery pupils will move up to the Junior School, a place in Primary 1 is not guaranteed.

Applications for Primary 1 to Senior 5 must be made by 1 December for entry the following August. We will accept late applications only if we have spaces. Please contact the Admissions Office prior to submitting a late application. Applications for Senior 6 can be made after this date, subject to space availability.

Entrance assessments take place from November to January, depending on entry point.

An acceptance fee of £300 is payable to secure a place offered at Heriot’s.

Our offer dates and acceptance deadlines are made by agreement with other Edinburgh independent schools.

Dates for session 2023/24 entry are as follows:


Primary 1 – Monday-Thursday from 10 January 2024
Primary 2 – By individual appointment during January 2024
Primary 3 – Thursdays 23 November and 30 November 2023
Primary 4 – Thursdays 16 and 23 November 2023
Primary 5 – Thursdays 16 November and 30 November 2023
Primary 6 – Wednesdays 15, 22 and 29 November and Wednesday 06 December 2023
Primary 7 – Tuesdays 14, 21 and 28 November and Tuesday 05 December 2023

An additional wash-up date for P3-5 will be held, if required, on Thursday 07 December.

Senior 1 – Wednesday 17 January 2024
Senior 2-5 – Monday 22 January 2024


Primary 1             Monday 05 February 2024 by post, Tuesday 06 February 2024 by email
Primary 2 -7        Week commencing Monday 08 January 2024 by post, followed by an email the day after
Senior School      Thursday 08 February 2024 by post, Friday 09 February by email

Acceptance Deadlines

Primary 1 – 7        Monday 26 February 2024
Senior School      Thursday 29 February 2024

Foundation applicants and siblings of current pupils are understandably given priority where possible, however please note that offers of places will only be made to those children who meet the entry standard.

Applicants with specific educational needs will be treated sensitively and the input of the Support for Learning Department will be sought. Please ensure that you have provided the Admissions office with all relevant reports and information.