Games and Sport

Junior School pupils receive specialist teaching in Physical Education from Nursery upwards.

Junior School pupils enjoy a wide variety of games, and start using our Goldenacre sports ground in Primary 5, with regular fixtures played on Saturdays by pupils from Primary 5 up. We like our trophies, yet taking part and being happy are more important.

Games options change according to the season, with rugby, hockey and cross-country running offered in winter/spring, and athletics, cricket and tennis in summer. We want our pupils to try a variety of sports to discover what types they enjoy most. Many more options become available in the Senior School.

All Junior School pupils have two 40-minute periods of Physical Education each week. Classes take place on campus in our Centre for Sport and Exercise.

Junior School pupils can also sample all sorts of games and sports offered as extra-curricular activities.

For a full list of all sporting fixtures and games information please check our dedicated sports website.