Distribute Chearfullie

Heriot’s exists because of the charitable foundation at its core. It is perhaps unsurprising that our concern for others runs deep.

Charitable pursuits are part of who we are. ‘Distribute Chearfullie’ adorns the pocket of every blue blazer; compassion fills the hearts of our young people. Heriot’s exists only because of the charitable foundation at its core, which today remains central to our school ethos of distributing kindness and support.

Support for charities and Voluntary Service offer opportunities to give back and to engage with a wide spectrum of community groups and issues. We are proud that every day our young people follow the example of our founder. They leave Heriot’s as thoughtful, socially aware and outward-looking citizens.

In both the Junior and Senior Schools, pupils are creative and enthusiastic in their fundraising efforts. Much thought is given to which charities pupils will support each year, and charitable events and sponsored activities quickly fill up the calendar. Pennies and pounds soon mount up courtesy of cake and candy stalls, book sales, and collections after services, concerts and plays.

Charitable efforts culminate in the Voluntary Service programme that sets Senior 6 apart from the final year of other schools. Volunteering is part of Activities Week for Senior 4 and 5 pupils, but it becomes a year-long timetabled commitment in Sixth Year. Most activities take our pupils out into the wider community, giving them new perspectives on the world.