Herioters worldwide

Every former pupil belongs to the Heriot's extended family, connected across the miles and the generations.

All over the world, Herioters meet up to enjoy one another’s company. In some countries and in regions of the UK there are former pupil led Clubs which local Herioters are welcome to join. Many organise Founder’s Day celebrations as well as informal gatherings. Contact information for the Clubs is listed below. If you are interested in starting a Club, please contact the Development Office.

Herioter President

Herioters don’t stop being Herioters when they leave the School. Our worldwide network exists, in part, to maintain and develop friendships which, established during schooldays, often last a lifetime.

Herioters are represented by a President who is elected every two years. The President has a varied role representing former pupils at ceremonial occasions including June Day and Remembrance Sunday. The President also represents former pupils’ interests in relation to the development work of the School. The President has the opportunity to undertake a project of their choosing, during their tenure, to assist the School and develop links between former pupils. The role also provides a link to the School for our regional and sporting clubs as well as representing Herioters at events hosted by other school’s former pupils’ bodies.

Herioter President

Contact Morgan Jamieson
Email Click here

Herioters in the UK

Herioters Borders

Contact Hugh Henney
Tel. 07818 013 124
Email Click here

Herioters Lancashire and Cheshire

Contact Stuart Patrick
Tel. 0161 427 4282
Email Click here

Herioters London

Contact Laura Carthew
Tel. 07875 012 496
Email Click here

Herioters Midlands

Contact Bryan Gall
Tel. 01562 886 374
Email Click here

Herioters Yorkshire

Contact Moray Bisset
Tel. 01924 279 387
Email Click here

Herioters Australia

Contact Graham Christie
Tel. +61 414 207 097
Email Click here

Herioters Montreal

Contact Stuart Spalding
Tel. 0131 221 6716
Email Click here

Herioters Toronto

Contact Bill Kirkpatrick
Tel. +1 905 844 5754
Email Click here

Herioters Western Canada

Contact Norman Pope
Tel. +1 250 656 0700
Email Click here

Former Pupil Ambassadors

Nobody speaks more highly for Heriot’s than Herioters and in 2019 we launched our Former Pupil Ambassador Network. Former Pupil Ambassadors are enthusiastic Herioters who help us reach out to our global former pupil network to ensure they keep in touch in a number of ways:

  • keeping your class mates and other Heriot’s contacts informed of news of the School and forthcoming events
  • being a contact point for Herioters in your geographic region (we would only share your personal details on an individual basis, with your consent)
  • keeping the Development Office informed of news relating to your class and / or news that might be interesting to share with the wider Heriot’s community through Quadrangle
  • being open to contact from the Development Team who may value your advice on future events and possible venues in your areas.

This is not a formal role, it is more to encourage your classmates to update their contact details when they move and share their news with the school, as well as to facilitate occasional contact with the Development Office who value your thoughts when planning events.

If you are interested in becoming a Former Pupil Ambassador, please email us or call 0131 221 6716.

Sporting clubs in Edinburgh

Former pupils living in and around Edinburgh are always welcome at the Herioter-led sports clubs. For more information about sports clubs, please contact them directly.

Angling Club

Cricket Club

Curling Club

Golf Club

Hockey Club

Rugby Club

Rifle Club