Wrap Around Care

Stimulating and fun activities for all ages are on offer in this safe, informal environment.

Wrap Around Care (WAC) is available on campus to all Junior School pupils from Nursery to Primary 7. Based in the Refectory building, this modern facility operates year-round (50 weeks) except for the Christmas holidays and Easter weekend. WAC fees are based on the number of sessions required.

In term-time, pupils may use the Refectory from 7:30am until the school day begins. WAC takes place after school until 6:00pm. Children can join in extra-curricular activities run by the school before attending WAC. Holiday hours are 8:30am – 5:30pm. Regular and ad hoc sessions can be booked. A team of 16 well-qualified childcare staff, led by Wrap Around Care Manager Deirdre McGhie, ensures that children make the most of the WAC facility.


After-school activities include art and craft, imaginative play, books and stories, games and puzzles, active games and outdoor play. Pupils in Primary 3 to 7 can do their written homework in a quiet, supervised space.

In the holidays, WAC offers a range of popular outings and workshops as well as the activities listed above.


Annual registration runs from 1 July to 30 June. Applications to register can be made throughout the year.

Children joining the Junior School in August can also use the WAC facility in the summer holiday beforehand. Many parents find that this is a good way for children to get to know their peers and the school before term begins.

To find out more or register for Wrap Around Care, contact wac@george-heriots.com.

Wrap Around Care Staff

In line with Care Inspectorate requirements, our regular staff are registered with the SSSC or GTCs.

Senior Staff – Manager

Deirdre McGhie has been manager of George Heriot’s Wrap Around Care since it opened in 1995. She has a Business degree, a PGCE in Primary Education and NVQ 4 in Management. Deirdre previously worked as a Primary School teacher, then moved into childcare in 1994 and has remained in the sector since. Deirdre is registered with GTCs.

Assistant Managers

Donna Goodfellow has worked at George Heriot’s since 1997. Donna holds a BA in Childhood Practice, an HNC in Childcare and Education as well as an NVQ 4 in Management. Donna works full days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at WAC, as well as Thursday and Friday afternoons. Donna is registered with SSSC.

Arshad Bibi has worked at WAC since 1996 and held the posts of Playworker and Senior Playworker prior to becoming Assistant Manager. She holds an HNC in Childcare and Education and is working towards Level 9 qualifications in Childhood Practice. Arshad works Wednesday mornings and Thursday and Friday full days at WAC.  She provides our Goldenacre pick up service on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Arshad is registered with SSSC.

Playwork Practitioners & Playworkers

Year-Round Staff

Our managers work year round.  We also have certain playwork staff who work year-round covering both term time and holiday care facilities.

Senior Playwork Practitioner

Blythe Gerrie is a teacher who gained her qualification in Canada. She is also a drumming instructor with the School Pipe Band and provides Junior School support on occasion during term time. Blythe joined our team in 2016 and is registered with GTCs.

Playwork Practitioners

Tracy Blues started at George Heriot’s in 1999. She holds SVQ Levels 2 and 3 in Childcare and Education. Tracy is registered with SSSC.

Nareen Haidar began working at WAC in 1999 and holds an HNC in Childcare and Education. She is registered with SSSC.

Kevin Thomson has worked at WAC since 2013. First as a student, then a relief playworker, followed by a maternity cover before becoming a permanent, year-round playwork practitioner. Kevin completed his Modern Apprenticeship Social Services Children and Young People SVQ Level 3 in June 2022. Kevin is registered with SSSC.

Vanessa Tregoning holds her SVQ 3 in Children’s Care Learning and Development and has worked in a variety of childcare settings before joining our team in 2016. Vanessa is registered with SSSC.


Joe Brotchie joined the WAC team in 2022, first as a relief playworker, then gaining a permanent post. He is registered with SSSC and is starting his SVQ in Social Services (Young People) in February 2024.

Playwork Practitioners & Homework

Term Time Staff

Natalia Carlisle has worked at WAC since 2011 and has completed her SVQ Level 2 & 3 in Children’s Care, Learning and Development with North Edinburgh Childcare. Natalia is registered with SSSC.

Marie Hallam completed her Nursery Nurse qualification in Canada. She worked in childcare for many years, before joining WAC in 2008. Marie is registered with SSSC.

Pete Mitchell joined our team in 2011 and holds an SVQ3 in Children’s Care, Learning and Development from North Edinburgh Childcare. Pete was Senior Playworker for a while, before reducing his hours to become a term time playwork practitioner. He is registered with SSSC.

Leanne Scott has worked at WAC since 2006. She holds her SVQ levels 2 and 3 in Early Years Care and Education. Leanne is registered with SSSC.

Scott Taylor joined our team in 2015 and has previous experience in both out of school care and nursery care.  He holds an HNC in Early Education and Childcare. Scott is registered with SSSC.

Iris MacLachlan is our homework supervisor. She is very well qualified, including a Modern Languages degree, a CELTA certificate and a lot of classroom experience.

Relief Playworkers

As well as our regular team we have a bank of relief staff available to cover staff absences due to illness or holidays. These staff members work regularly at WAC and so know the children and the WAC routine. This helps WAC run smoothly if someone from our regular team is unavailable.

Oscar Butterworth and Ineta Vanate are regular relief staff and we have also have a number of former pupils who have joined our relief bank while at university