Extra-curricular activities

Supporting the Heriot’s philosophy of educating the whole child and enrichening school life.

Learning isn’t confined to class lessons at Heriot’s. Activities outside the classroom give even our youngest pupils the chance to discover new interests and learn and master new skills. Children can choose from a vast range of extra-curricular activities on offer in the Junior School – we encourage their participation.

Some activities take place after school and others before or during the school day. Often more than one year group is involved, giving pupils the opportunity to make friends in years above and below. Many of the activities can be continued in Senior School, where plenty more become available.

Activities involve games and sports, drama and music, and more diverse interests such as model making and story telling. Those involving tuition, transport or kit, such as climbing, golf and surf club, may attract a charge, however the vast majority are provided by the School Staff and are therefore free. Piping and drumming tuition can begin as early as Primary 4 with a view to joining the Heriot’s Pipe Band. Charity work is another big focus and our pupils are creative and enthusiastic in their fundraising efforts.

All of our activities support the Heriot’s philosophy of educating the whole child – they greatly enrich the life within school too.