Heriot's awards scholarships each year to recognise outstanding achievement among new and existing pupils.

Some scholarships carry fee remission or a financial award, others an appropriate prize. As scholarship awards are not means-tested, all pupils are eligible for consideration.

Academic Scholarships

An Academic Scholarship award of 50% fee remission will be made to both the top performing external pupil entering Senior 1, based on their entrance assessment and the Dux of the Junior School. This fee remission lasts for the duration of Senior School.

Academic Scholarships may also be awarded to other external and internal candidates entering Senior 1, or to new entrants in later year groups. Any such awards take the form of an appropriate prize and carry no fee remission.

Expressive Arts Awards

You may apply for your child to be considered for a special award in Music, Art and Design or Drama, if joining Heriot’s from Senior 1 onwards. To request the criteria for any of these awards, please contact the Admissions Office.

External awards are valued at 10% of the fees, and up to one award will be made annually in the Senior School in each discipline. One internal scholarship may also be awarded annually in the Senior School in each discipline, in the form of an appropriate prize.

Sports Scholarships

Up to four Sports Scholarships in the form of an appropriate prize, are awarded each year to pupils already at Heriot’s. We do not invite applications for the Sports Scholarships, as they are awarded based on performance.

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For all financial matters, please contact the Finance Office.