Reunions and events

Former pupils and friends of Heriot’s are warmly invited to many school events.

The Development Office arranges  events and reunions during the course of each school year, specifically for Herioters to come back and enjoy reconnecting with old friends.

We ask all Herioters to keep in touch so that we can tell you about reunions and events relevant to your year group. Just complete your contact details and if you move, don’t forget to let us know! You can also sign up to receive our former pupils magazine Quadrangle, published twice yearly.

You can also explore and purchase tickets online for forthcoming Heriot’s events.

Overseas Events

Saturday 24 October 2020Herioters Australia Annual LunchThe Fernery, Mosman NSW 2088Graham Christie

For information about any events, please contact the Development Office. We can also help if you would like to organise your own class reunion.