Thursday Thinking Blog

Every Thursday, the Learning Enhancement Department encourage you to think more creatively and ask a thought-provoking question to consider. Last Thursday, we asked ‘if you had one wish – what would it be?’ Read some of the answers received below:

“If I could have one wish I would wish for every family in the world to have a good home and to be able to have a school near by for them to go to and for them to be happy.” Anna, P7

“I would wish for technology to help us discover new planets and galaxies because I’ve always been fascinated about what is beyond the Milky Way.” Luke, P7

Thursday Thinking pupil answer

“If I had one wish, I would wish that quarantine and the virus was over and everything was back to normal because I miss things like clubs, school and friends.” Nina, P7

“Since we cannot see our grandparents I would wish to give them a big hug!” Katie, P7

“I would wish for happiness because I think the world would be a lot kinder and nicer if we had unlimited happiness.” Keira, P7

“Nothing because I am happy the way I am and I don’t need a wish.” Qasim, P6

“My wish is to stop inequality.” Murray, P6

“I would wish for everyone in the world to be happy.” Nathaniel, P6

“I would wish for a pony with glitter wings because it would be beautiful.” Anna, P1

“I would wish to be a policeman on a police motor bike because then I could arrest bad people because then Mrs Franklin would give me a gold medal!” Christopher, P1

“I would wish that I had a pet rhino that I could ride to school rather than go in the car because it would be good fun.” William, P1

“I wish I could breathe underwater. Then I could swim for much longer without worrying about coming up for air.” Hannah, P4

“My wish would be world peace because no-one likes getting into fights.” Max, P5

“I wish to go back to school because there are lots of kind teachers and friends and I only can meet my friends online if I am at home.” Carina, P2

“I would wish for a zip line to be built all the way from my house to George Heriot’s because this would be a really fun way to get to school. It’s very boring driving to school every day in a car and the gas makes a bad environment.” Miah, P2

“I wish for the world to be full of sweets because I think the world would look good covered in sweets.” Euan, P2

“I wish that everybody could be kind because it would make the world a better place.” Carter, P2