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On Thursday, we asked “What would happen if cars went backwards?” Read a sample of the answers received below.

It would be chaos and there would be a lot of crashes because it is very hard to look backwards through your wing mirror.” Holly

“Cars already go backwards because they reverse. But if backwards was instead of forwards then it would be very chaotic because people might forget which way they are meant to be driving.” Isla

“There would be more accidents because cars are designed to drive forwards with big windows at the front. You would also use more petrol because there would be more friction as the car is shaped to drive forwards.” Becky

“If cars moved backwards then it would also mean that humans might walk backwards.” Keir

“I think if cars went backwards it would be great (well in some ways!) because you can just turnround the all the signs and it would be the same, but it might make you feel a bit funny!” Charlotte

“Nothing would change, by that I mean, if every car went backwards then it become normal once we all got used to it. A bit like lockdown. The roads would need to be re-signposted and would traffic lights go from green to red instead of red to green?!” Natey

“Cars can go backwards already but it is done carefully and slowly. If we drove backwards all the time it would be very dangerous.” Angus

Thinking Thursday

George Heriots Thinking Thursday

“There would be a lot of crashes because it’s harder to drive backwards than it is to drive forward.” Tom

“It would be exactly the same but you would just turn the drivers seat around to face backwards.” Murray

“If cars went backwards you’d never reach your destination.” Keshav

“If cars went backwards eventually backwards would become forwards.” Tom

“Forwards would be backwards, left would be right, because your directions would be different. You might even go back in time.” Atharva

“If cars went backwards there would be lots of crashes because they would crash into the buses and lorries that were going forwards.” William

“People would have to learn to drive using their mirrors so they could see where they’re going.” John-Henry

“If cars went backwards people would feel dizzy because they wouldn’t know which way to drive, unless there were lots of buttons, glass and cameras to help them see everything.” Matilda

“Would the backwards be the new forwards? People would stop using cars often because it would not be that easy to drive. Which means it would be better for the environment.” Max

“If the car went backwards it will be fun and exciting because it will be like roller coaster!” Agastya

“If cars went backwards, people would need a lot of practice to drive because otherwise they would crash. Cars might work differently with super booster modes to make it easier to drive.” Tobias

“It might take longer to get everywhere. You would have to drive backwards to school which would be a challenge. It might be good if you had eyes on the back of your head.” Chloe

“If cars went backwards then everyone would be driving backwards and cars would probably become less popular because they would be hard to drive so no one would want a car anymore!” Scarlett

“We may never get to where we want to go because we are going backwards all the time.” Charlie

What do you think would happen is cars went backwards?