Support for Learning

Support for Learning (SfL) Department

In SfL, it is understood that all major transitions can be challenging for young people with learning differences, and support is offered to pupils and parents as they move from Junior to Senior School.  Small transition groups for P7 pupils are lead, as well as Parent Information workshops for S1 parents. During the school day, senior school pupils have the opportunity to ‘drop in’ to the SfL Department during lunchtimes to talk about any worries or issues they may be facing.

The Base is offered as a nurturing space which celebrates different pathways into learning. It’s a pupil-led group brimming with imagination and full of ideas about new initiatives and activities.

Pupils who regularly attend the Base shared their thoughts on what they get out of coming to the base:

‘Joy! Because when I am having a bad day, I come to The Base and it makes me feel happy’

‘It’s cosy and welcoming and full of very nice, friendly people’

‘It’s a place where your worries go away’

‘It’s a place that brings a smile to your face’

‘It’s a really welcoming place and it’s very liberating. It’s just a place to have fun’

‘I love talking so it’s really nice to have some time to say what you’ve been up to’

The SfL plan for the summer Term is a focus on reading for pleasure and ADHD. This week we caught up with SfL Coordinator, Mrs Harrod:

“As a team I think we are acutely aware of what a huge privilege it is to work with pupils in a small group or even one to one. Careful planning helps us make the most of every session. We often work on core skills such as reading, writing, spelling, handwriting and maths but it’s important to have fun too and there’s nearly always time for a quick game at the end.

There are many things I enjoy about my job. I love the buzz and life of the school and the opportunity to work in lots of different classes and with brilliant, dedicated teachers. Getting to know our pupils and helping them progress in their learning and understand how they learn is at the heart of our work and is a highlight for me. I am full of admiration for their imagination, creativity and determination!”

One resource that Mrs Harrod recommends to parents relating to dyslexia and how parents can explain it in a positive way to their children is the following: Dyslexia Explained via this link.