Pupil Care in the Senior School

In the Senior School, all staff recognise that they have a part to play in guidance, but the main pastoral responsibility lies with the Guidance Staff, who are likely to be the first point of contact for pupils and their parents if there are real pastoral worries. In each year, the Guidance staff consists of a Head of Year and a Year Teacher. All pupils in the Senior School have clearly designated Guidance Teachers and meet daily with their Class Teacher.

Guidance staff also have a role in curricular guidance and in discipline - in essence, they have a complete overview of each child's progress and development, social, emotional and academic. Pupils have a Guidance Teacher in S1 who will induct them into the Senior School. From S2 - S5, they have a new Guidance Teacher to support them in the lead up to and during their vital exam years in the upper Senior School. In S6, students are placed in tutorial size groups under the guidance and care of the Head of Sixth Year and the S6 Year Teacher. There is also a designated member of staff to co-ordinate support for pupils on the Foundation and we also benefit from the presence of our own Educational Psychologist.

We aim to provide a Careers Service which is truly personal, combining the expertise and knowledge of the Careers Staff and the various Careers agencies with which we deal, within the framework of the School's Guidance system. The School benefits from the presence on its staff of a fully qualified professional Careers Advisor. The objective is to have a steady and realistic progression to enable students to make informed decisions about subject choice, Further/Higher Education and employment. Career education is part of the extensive Citizenship programme taught throughout the School. S4 pupils are all enrolled in the Independent Schools Careers Organisation (ISCO) Futurewise Scheme, which enables them to receive detailed help over an extended period from an independent agency and includes an individual interview. In S5 pupils are interviewed individually by a member of the Heriot's Careers staff, with their parents present if they wish, to assist them with determining subject choices in relation to potential future plans for Higher Education and work; all pupils receive a further individual interview early in S6.

The development of the ‘whole child’ is central to the ethos of the School and our staff recognise that pastoral, vocational and curricular care makes a vital contribution to the intellectual and social development of each individual pupil.