Information Technology

George Heriot's School has invested heavily in Information Technology over the past few years. ICT is used extensively throughout the Nursery, Junior School and Senior School. All classrooms in the School are well equipped with personal computers, interactive smartboards, projection and sound facilities. ICT equipment is heavily utilized in all areas of the curriculum to enhance learning and teaching. Wireless laptops, interactive tablets and visualisers are also used throughout the school for educational and presentation purposes.

Computing, Business Education and the Design and Technical Departments all have 3 classrooms with extensive ICT provision. The Art department, Music department, Biology department, support for Learning and Learning Enhancement departments also have ICT labs. Numerous Senior School departments have been provisioned with wireless laptops and tablets for classroom use. There are 2 additional ICT labs in the school, a dedicated lab for exam use, along with ICT facilities provided in the Junior School and Senior School libraries.

We have a structured hardware and software replacement strategy, throughout the campus, to ensure all pupils and staff are provided with new ICT equipment, on a regular basis. The school also uses a digital media system, to provide digital content to all PCs and laptops throughout the school. Most recently, the school has invested in a new Server room, a new HP network, a Storage Area Network and VMware virtualised Windows 2012 Server environment.