Senior 1 and Senior 2

While recognising the importance of academic achievement, Heriot's also wants to broaden the vision and experience of each individual.

There are over 70 clubs and societies on offer and all S1 pupils will be invited to a Societies Fair early in the session to see what is on offer. These extra-curricular activities are of importance to the general health, well-being and happiness of pupils, and Guidance staff actively encourage all pupils to take part in the extra-curricular life of the School. Both S1 and S2 pupils will take part in a residential experience; for S1 this takes place early in the session and for S2 this takes place towards the end of the session as part of Activities Week. The Activities Week programme for S1 includes a variety of cultural, sporting and health-related activities. S1 and S2 pupils also have timetabled classes in Citizenship.

Every pupil has access both to a Class Teacher and a Guidance Teacher, there to give help and keep a keen eye on their progress. Additional input is provided by specialist staff as the S3 subject choice process gets underway. Regular contact is maintained with parents as part of the pupil/parent/teacher partnership which is fundamental to Heriot's approach.

S1 and S2 are years of discovery. As children grow more independent, and show increasing initiative, Heriot's provides an educational context and a caring environment in which they can mature, ready for the challenge of the ‘examination years' ahead.