Senior 3 to Senior 5

In these important examination years, Heriot's presents pupils for 8 subjects in S4, predominately at National 5 level, and for 5 subjects at the appropriate level, usually Higher, in S5. Our curricular framework maintains breadth while allowing our pupils increased opportunities to pursue their own interests.

At the S2/S3 interface, detailed individual guidance is given to help pupils choose from the extensive range of subject options, which includes new subjects such as Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Italian, Latin and Mandarin. The academic curriculum is also enhanced by a carefully planned Citizenship course. At the S4/S5 interface, subject choice is again carefully monitored and supported by the Futurewise programme which is provided for all pupils.

The School has a fine record of achievement in national examinations, and each year brings a crop of startling individual successes. However, the School's ethos places equal value on the more modest achievements of other pupils: at Heriot's we believe that hard work and enjoyment of learning are the best route to the fulfilment of individual potential. In S3, as part of Activities Week, pupils enjoy a week of richly varied Trips and Visits; in S4 and S5, pupils participate in the Work Experience and Voluntary Service programmes.

By the end of S5 our pupils are young adults; the School recognises the need to cater for facets of post-adolescent experience beyond the academic classroom. The curriculum throughout the exam years is complemented by a wide variety of Games options and a continuing commitment to extracurricular activities. The qualities of self-reliance, sound study habits and caring for others which we foster in these years are given further nourishment in S6

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