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Next on the blog we have Archith Kamath.

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Archith Kamath, Class of 2015

What is your current role?

Doctor – Ophthalmology Registrar (trainee eye surgeon)

What was your journey to get there?

I moved to Edinburgh when I was 3, was at Heriot’s from P1 to S6, and really enjoyed my time at school. I left Edinburgh to study medicine at Oxford University and had a great 6 years there where I met some really interesting people. I got stuck into quite a few student societies and made sure to keep busy outside of just placements and exams, with interests including running the medical student bar, and organising various socials. I realised I wanted to be an eye surgeon after accidently stumbling into an ophthalmology operating theatre and staying for the whole list!

After graduating, I worked as a foundation doctor for a couple of years in South Yorkshire (in specialities ranging from psychiatry to plastic surgery), while studying for a medical teaching degree in my spare time. In 2023, I moved back to Edinburgh for speciality training and currently work just round the corner from Heriot’s! I’m now in a long-term speciality post and am enjoying being back in Edinburgh again.

What are your achievements?

I was very proud to get into Oxford but was apprehensive about starting there; I had a great group of friends from school and was worried about leaving that behind. It feels strange, then, to say that something I am particularly proud of are some of the social events I got involved with at Uni and the amazing friends I made along the way. My highlight was leading a committee that organised a sell-out charity ball, where we raised thousands of pounds for a global NGO.

Perhaps more importantly, in my personal life, I am proud of always making sure to have some fun along the way. I recently got married, and my wife and I were able to celebrate some of the amazing memories we’ve created together in the past few years. It was amazing to bring together our respective home and family friends with our mutual friends from Uni.

What are your favourite memories of Heriot’s?

I really enjoyed all of my 13 years at Heriot’s and struggled to pick just a couple of stand-out moments given how long I was there. I have a lot of great memories of primary school, and was lucky enough to be in Mr Nuilala’s P3 class. Mr Nuilala was a great teacher but perhaps an even better musician, and performing his songs on Blue Peter will always be a highlight. Legend has it that Mr Nuilala’s rendition of ‘Matilda the Gorilla’ can still be heard when my primary school pals and I get together…

Picking a particularly fond memory from senior school was even harder, but I finally settled on the S3 trip to China. There was something special about seeing sights like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City with your friends who you normally sit next to in French and Maths.

Any top tips for current pupils when planning their future?

It wasn’t until I left school that I released how supportive the Heriot’s environment was. It was a huge privilege to have a great group of friends around me, and excellent teachers to support my career choices, and I would encourage all current pupils to utilise the environment to set your mind to whatever you choose. It is important to push your boundaries if you feel able to do so, however that might be.

My advice: use the support offered by Heriot’s to make the most of whatever opportunities you choose, even if that means leaving your ‘comfort zone’.