House Solo Piping & Drumming Competition

Congratulations to all who took part in the House Solo Piping & Drumming Competition on Sunday 6th October. Rachel (S6) was Champion Drummer, courtesy of 1st place in the Open March, Strathspey & Reel event and 2nd in the Open Hornpipe & Jig. Christopher(S5) was the winner Pipe Major Iain McLeod Commemorative Cup for Champion Piper with 1st prizes in all three of the senior piping events. In the House Competition, Castle were the winners of the Junior events and Greyfriars the Senior events.

The full list of prize-winners was as follows:

Stick & Pad Drumming

1st Ga Yeon Oh
2nd Adam Roth
3rd Angus McLellan
4th Emily MacLeod
5th= Rory Wilken, Hermione Lee, Georgia Crilly

Junior School Drumming

1st Finlay Thompson
2nd Ryan Shi
3rd Lucas Hashem-Ford
4th Eilidh Adams
5th Tom Newton

Novice Tenor Drumming

1st Erica Sibley
2nd Rebecca Page

Novice Drumming

1st Harrison Murphy
2nd Eilidh Adams
3rd Finlay Thompson
4th Ryan Shi
5th Tom Newton

Intermediate Tenor Drumming

1st Cormac MacLachlan

Intermediate Drumming

1st Akshansh Tiwari
2nd Jonathan Madill
3rd Dylan Gillespie
4th Tommy Thin

Open Tenor Drumming

1st Georgia Paul
2nd Sarah Happs
3rd Charlie Pain
4th Cormac MacLachlan

Open Drumming (Hornpipe & Jig)

1st Tristan Jacquel
2nd Rachel Fairley
3rd David Fairley
4th Varun Ravikumar
5th Ailsa Brodie

Open Drumming (March, Strathspey & Reel)

1st Rachel Fairley
2nd Tristan Jacquel
3rd David Fairley
4th Jonathan Madill
5th Ailsa Brodie

Champion Drummer – Rachel Fairley

Novice Chanter

1st Fraser Macleod
2nd Andrew O’Donnell
3rd Daniel Smith
4th Lily McLoughlin
5th = Harry Desmeulles, Elliot Peltenburg, Gwilym Coutts, Amina Todd


1st Mia Parkin
2nd Thomas Dweck
3rd Zac Peltenburg

Junior School Piping

1st Rory Cairns
2nd James Parry
3rd Lucas Sheppard
4th Ran Birch

Novice Piping

1st Calum MacLeod
2nd Robbie Paul
3rd Ally Paul
4th Scott Desmeulles

Novice Piobaireachd

1st William Rees
2nd Harry Henriksen

Intermediate Piping

1st Gregor Adams
2nd Angus Adams
3rd Henry Kesterton
4th Ross McLaren
5th Sebastian Morawiecki

Open Piping (Hornpipe & Jig)

1st Christopher Happs
2nd Bruce Gardner
3rd Alastair Naysmith
4th Paul Christie
5th Thomas Brownsort

Open Piping (March, Strathspey & Reel)

1st Christopher Happs
2nd Paul Christie
3rd Alastair Naysmith
4th Bruce Gardner
5th Harry Henriksen

Open Piobaireachd

1st Christopher Happs
2nd Bruce Gardner
3rd Paul Christie
4th Angus Adams
5th Rory Tait

Champion Piper – Christopher Happs

Junior House Competition

1st Castle
2nd Lauriston
3rd Greyfriars
4th Raeburn

Senior House Competition

1st Greyfriars
2nd Lauriston
3rd Castle
4th Raeburn

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