World Mental Health Day 2020

World Mental Health day is taking place on 10 October.

Heriot’s school values, ‘work hard’, ‘be kind’, ‘be happy’ underpin the ethos of the school and our strong focus on pupils’ and staff wellbeing.

Our excellent Pastoral Care team play a vital role and contribute towards the development and wellbeing of all of our pupils. You can hear more from our wonderful teams and experience what life is like at Heriot’s in our Open Morning Video. 

Here’s what we are working on this year…..

We are celebrating Mental Health day by launching this year’s  ‘Love your Mind’ campaign during registration classes, identifying what we can do to promote our own wellbeing.

We all know the importance of cultivating our physical health and in October, we will be focusing on what we can do to cultivate our emotional health and wellbeing. Our ‘Conversation starter’ pack is being distributed and utilised by pupils in registration over the following weeks. Starting a conversation and speaking to people around you about how you are feeling is crucial to wellbeing.

In our Junior School, the Learning Enhancement Team are leading a morning meditation to recognise World Mental Health Day, with our Nursery pupils right up to Primary 7 all taking part.

As part of the Return to School curriculum, our Learning Enhancement Team have also been undertaking a project with JS pupils to gather their emotions after ‘riding the wave’ through the pandemic. The pupils have been making Origami Boats to symbolise these emotions and how to overcome them – look out for the story on this coming soon.

If you feel inspired and are keen to learn more about protecting your own mental health, you can take part too. The following link ‘The Science of Happiness’ allows you to undertake a (free) course on positive psychology, learning the science-based principles for a happy, meaningful life.