Senior School Drama Production

George Heriot’s Senior School Drama Production – ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’

Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th, Friday 29th November 2019
7pm Castle Hall

Senior School Drama Pinocchio

Playland, where there’s no school and you can do almost anything! Or so they say…
The Adventures of Pinocchio, by Lee Hall, is the tale of a ‘naughty little puppet’ and his adventures to make his fortune, impress his father and to stay out of trouble! His misadventure to The Field of Miracles sees him take a winding path of discovery with bizarre and curious characters on every corner. From being accosted by the devious Cat and Fox to venturing inside a whale, Pinocchio isn’t your everyday puppet!

Purchasing tickets for The Adventures of Pinocchio

Tickets for all performances are priced at £9 each. Tickets can only be purchased from the electronic box office site. You can choose which performance you require tickets for, order and pay for tickets using this site.

Your ticket will be included within an e-mail confirmation. Each ticket has a unique ID number. Please print your tickets and bring them with you on the evening of the performance.

On the evening of each performance parking will be on the Terrace.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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