Last week’s question was aimed at Nursery to Primary 3 pupils and you can read some of the wonderful answers below.

“If you could make any animal talk, which animal would you choose?”


A fox because I have a fox in my garden – Aoife 

A penguin because they slide across the ice on their tummies – Max

A sabre tooth tiger! Because I like them… – Jed

A flamingo because they are pink – Fable 

I would like to talk to a panda because I would like to learn about the jungle – Miss Jackson-Hunt 

Primary 1

I would make an elephant talk so I could tell him to spray me with water so I wouldn’t have to take a bath – Henry

I would make a chameleon talk because we could play hide and seek together – James

I would make a cheetah talk because it could teach me how to run fast for games – Flora

A dinosaur because they’re strong – Jad 

A Tiger because I would go on adventures to see other animals – Fiona

Primary 2

Rabbits because they are small and could show me hiding places – Bridget 

Monkeys because I could ask them to help me climb. Also it would find me a good tree – William & Zach

Hamsters because I want to know how they run so fast – Mia 

Cats because I want to tell them not to jump up – Roman 

Unicorns because I could ask them to take me on an adventure – Isla 

Cheetahs because they are very fast – Sophie 

Lions because they are the king of the jungle – George