Thinking Thursday Blog

If you could live anywhere – where would you live?

We are back with our Thursday Thinking questions, which will be posted on social media every Thursday morning. Students’ answers will be posted in a blog format every Friday and you are encouraged to take part in this philosophical thinking task. Whether you just think about your answers to these questions, or posting your thoughts in the comments section, it is important to keep your brain stimulated at this time. Information about how you can manage stress and anxiety can be found here.

Yesterday, we asked “if you could live anywhere – where would you live?” Read some pupils’ answers below.

“I would live in a luxury treehouse on an island. I would live there because I like being high up and enjoy being around trees and animals.” Catherine

“I would love in Africa because of the heat and all the amazing animals. I also want to learn more about the culture.” Eleanor

“In my own home because I’m near the things and people I love.” Rhea

“I would find it fascinating to live in an underwater observatory, because I would be able to discover and document my findings of new marine life.” Luke

“If I could live anywhere, I would live on a spaceship because I would get to travel around the universe without moving a muscle!” Grace

“If I could live anywhere it would be Harris, in The Western Isles, because it has long sandy beaches which stretch for miles, golden eagles soaring above you and amazing wildlife everywhere you look.” Sophie

“I would live in rainbow land where there was a castle and I was queen. There would be rainbow unicorns. I would like to live there because the rainbows would be friendly and I would have everyone wearing rainbow t-shirts and unicorn leggings.” Imogen

“Under the sea as a mermaid, because it would look beautiful.” Kara

“I would quite like to live in the North Pole because I could see polar bears and meet Santa and the elves.” Ted

“I would live in a house with a swimming pool and a diving board because I love swimming!” William

“I would still live here because I have my family here.” Qasim

“Space – because then I could float and watch the world go by.” Magnus

“If I could live anywhere, I would live with all the people I love no matter where that is.” Millie

“In Minecraft because I could do whatever I wanted. I could build my house the way I wanted; I could have as many pets as I wanted and I could build my world.” Maddelena

“I would like to live in Switzerland because I can learn how to ski during the winter and there are lot of chocolate factories. They make the best chocolate ever.” Madeleine

“In a world where there is a billion secrets to be found.” Iona

“I would live in a bakery so I could be a professional cook and eat all the cakes!” Iris

“In my mind because it is everywhere.” Sigrid

“In my imagination because you can have anything you want and when you want it.” Imani