Thinking Thursday Blog

Last Thursday, the Learning Enhancement Department asked ‘What would happen if books had to pictures.’ Read some of the pupils answers below:

“Little children wouldn’t like books because there would be nothing for them to look at.” Bridget

“That’s ok as long as you have your imagination, you can always imagine the story.” Reef

“You would have to draw the pictures yourself because it is important that books have pictures to help you understand the story.” William

“If books had no pictures I would be sad because I like pictures a lot.” Ivy

“We would have to imagine what the pictures looked like. It would be good because it is better if you imagine them because then you get to chose what its like, which is more fun.” Lauren

“People’s imaginations would kick in instead of being told what the picture looks like because there is no picture.” Ceiba

“It would affect the way we learn to read because in P1 the first books we got were picture books and we had to make the story up based on what we thought the characters were doing. If there was no pictures it would make learning to read harder because pictures help you understand words.” Spencer

“If books had no pictures then I don’t think that children would read as much because children love to have pictures with books and if they had no pictures then from a very young age, children wouldn’t be interested in them. That means that they will grow up still thinking that all books are boring, meaning they will not read as much.” Amy

“If books had no pictures it would actully be better so you would have to use you brain more to imagine what the story is saying!” Murray

“Some books don’t have pictures, but if all books had no pictures reading in some peoples mind would be boring without imagery infront of you. Other people may think it is good because it allows them to create their own imagery from the text.” James

“If books had no pictures it would discourage young children to read. Also, the books wouldn’t feel as realistic.” Angus

“I think that If books had no pictures then people would become more imaginative because when there are pictures in a book it generally shows what is happening, so rather than imagining what the scene is like or what the character looks like you are shown, therefore if books had no pictures then people would use their imagination to imagine what everything in the book is like.” Mylo

“For young children I think this would be a disaster due to the fact the pictures play an important role in the way they help bring the story alive. if the books had no pictures the children would become quickly uninterested and then as they grow older they would tend to avoid reading. For young adults and adults I don’t think there would be a significant change because there are hardly any pictures in those kind of books.” Eleanor

“Not much would happen, seeing as most of the books in the world don’t have pictures. It would be hard on younger children learning how to read seeing as they use pictures to help their learning. It might take a little longer to understand books but in the long term, people will develop greater imaginations.” Mary

“I think for a book with no pictures, the author really needs to paint a picture for the reader to imagine what the people and places look like and feel like.” Trudy

“If books had no pictures then you would just think of them in your head, but for younger children who couldn’t read you could draw a picture.” Rhea

“If books had no pictures they might be a bit boring. A picture on the front helps you know what the story will be about and the pictures inside give you clues as you go along. But you don’t need pictures. If books had no pictures the stories would stay the same.” Hannah

“I think it would be a bit harder to imagine the pictures so writers would have to describe the picture in words.” Sanna

“Some people may not read as much but others may read more as their imagination will go wild with the words.” Amina

“If books didn’t have pictures you wouldn’t see the author‘s imagination.” Maya

“If books had no pictures than people would probably only start reading at about the age of 7 or so because a lot of young children need pictures to keep them going.” Alice

“If there were no pictures in books then books would be very boring because some books are hard to imagine without pictures. ” Nico

“If books had no pictures it sometimes can be very boring because if you say a different language and you are reading a book that doesn’t have pictures you won’t understand the words in the book.” Jasmine

“You could use your imagination, because you could make the backgrounds more beautiful and the stuff that they’ve got and also the pets. You could make how scary they are, how funny they are and how tall they are.” Tobias

“If books had no pictures then it will make everyone sad because they won’t enjoy the book they are reading. Pictures make everyone smile and excited.” Agastya