Thinking Thursday Blog

Every Thursday, the Learning Enhancement Department encourage you to think more creatively and ask a thought-provoking question to consider. Yesterday, we asked ‘if you could paint the whole world – what colour would you use?’ Read some of the answers received below:

“I would use a turquoise colour, as it is a mix of blue and green; the earth’s natural colour.” Amelia

“I would paint the world many different colours because they would represent the diversity of culture and beliefs. ” Eleanor

“I would paint the world white, so that people could paint their part of the world their favourite colour and then most people would be happy not just me.” Lily

“I would use a chameleon paintbrush so that different things could change colour!” Freya

“If I could change it, I would paint green in the spring, yellow in the summer, orange in autumn and white in the winter. I feel like the colours suit the seasons.” Samantha

“A transparent colour, because the world is beautiful the way it is.” Blair

“I would paint the world rainbow because then everyone would be happy because their favourite colour would be there.” Adam

“Green, because it represents the colour of life.” Will

“I would paint the world white so I can stop global warming because white reflects the heat of the sun.” Otto

“I would like to use all the colors to paint because the world is not made of one single color and a colourful world is a beautiful world.” Ellie

“I would use blue and green, because the animals could live on the green grass and they could drink blue water for keeping them well and healthy.” Darren

“I would paint the world with green because it is a sign of hope, good luck, peace, health and we will have a very happy life.” Carina

“I would paint the colour blue because it’s the colour of a swimming pool, which is my favourite thing to do and it would match the sky on a sunny day.” Miah

“Bright pink to make people’s day happy, because in the morning if they are tired they will see the bright colour which will really make them smile. or maybe I would paint it golden, so everyone feels a winner. ” Anya

“I wouldn’t choose red because the aliens wouldn’t come visit. I would like to colour the world blue because I love the ocean and I love swimming with fish!” Amina

“I would like to paint it neon green because it would stand out from all the other planets.” Struan

“Rainbow because these are all different colours and it makes me smile.” Emma