Thinking Thursday Blog

On Thursday, we asked “is there anything that cannot be measured?” for our Thinking Thursday question, and we received some excellent answers.

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Read below a sample of the answers received.

 “Love, hope, fear, emotions and wisdom can’t be measured because love is infinite and people never know how much of one emotion they are feeling. And with wisdom, you could know things that others might not count as being wise.” Amelia

“I think that a lot of things can be measured in the world but sadness, happiness and love can’t because they aren’t actually a solid object.” Anna

“I think everything can be measured because there must be a way just we might not have found out how to measure it yet.” Aaron

“Yes because some things don’t need to be measured. Also it depends what kind of measured you mean. Dreams can’t be measured because nobody else experiences it.” Isla

“Imagination can’t be measured because there is no limit to it and it can go anywhere you want it to go.” Lauren

“I think anything can be measured because it can be by quantity or quality. Even love can be measured by how far it is to the moon and back!” Lily

“Feelings cannot be measured because no one can measure fear in ml or love in cm.” Catherine

 “Kindness cannot be measured because the feelings all come from your heart and if it makes others feel happy and grateful then that’s all that matters.” Lola

“A cloud cannot be measured because it is always moving out of shape and place.” Mylo

“I think that anything can be measured because if there is something in space for instance, you could measure it in light years but if it’s an absolutely gargantuan space you could create a unit of measurement that’s bigger and make that distance for the space you are trying to measure.” Adam

“The only thing that cannot be measured is infinity because nothing can be bigger than it.” Rory

“Not everything can be measured with a tape measure. Feelings are difficult to measure because you need to tell people how you’re feeling and try to understand how they’re feeling. You can use words or make a face or a sound to help them understand. ” Kara

“Fun on a trampoline cannot be measured because it’s impossible.” Lawrence

“I think you can measure everything even feelings for example I could say that if love and belief was in height my love and belief for unicorns would be as high as Mount Everest.” Floraidh

“I think that feelings cannot be measured because they are your own personal feelings. No one will ever know how much you feel a feeling and just how far your feelings spread.” Harry

“There are things you cannot measure. I think this because I was thinking about pink elephants. I don’t think you can measure thoughts and imagination.” Zoe

“Could it be love? Because I really love my rabbits and there’s no way to measure that!” Miah