Thinking Thursday Blog

The return of ‘Thinking Thursdays’

The Learning Enhancement Team delivers a programme which incorporates Philosophy, Resilience, Teambuilding and Mindfulness with all pupils from Nursery to Primary 7 taking part.

Every Thursday, pupils spend time discussing a thought-provoking question with their teachers and some of the answers are shared on this blog and also via the Learning Enhancement Twitter.


Thursday 7 October 2021

Today’s question was aimed Nursery to Primary 3 pupils.

Primary 1:

No, because I want to be surprised – Raife

Yes, because if danger was coming I could sense it – Max

Yes because I would be nice and clever – Tom

Yes because I could get whatever I want – Emily

Primary 2:

No because it might get boring knowing everything! There would be no point reading a book because you already know what happens. – Rosslyn

No because then there would be no point coming to school and school is fun! Louis

No because it wouldn’t be fair for other people at school because they might get sad or jealous that you know everything. – Ben

Yes because I would be better at Maths! Edward

No because it is fun learning and practising a new skill at football. – Joel

No because it might get tiring if everyone was asking you questions all the time! James

Yes because then I would know the truth

Yes because I would get every answer right

Yes because I would like to be able to control the weather

No because I would not learn anything new