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The return of ‘Thinking Thursdays’

The Learning Enhancement Team delivers a programme which incorporates Philosophy, Resilience, Teambuilding and Mindfulness with all pupils from Nursery to Primary 7 taking part.

Every Thursday, pupils spend time discussing a thought-provoking question with their teachers and some of the answers are shared on this blog and also via the Learning Enhancement Twitter.


Thursday 2 September 2021

Does every question have an answer?

Today’s question was aimed at Primary 4 to Primary 7 pupils.


Primary 5

Yes, because there is an answer to everything we just might not have discovered it yet (Felix)

Yes, because all questions have an answer – it doesn’t have to be the correct answer though!  There are also several answers to some questions like this one! (Annabelle)

Not all questions have answers because philosophical questions don’t always have one! (Rebecca)

No, because some questions can be rhetorical!  (Anika)

No because Philosophy has no right or wrong answer (Harris)

No because some questions cannot be answered

No, because if a question always had an answer what would Philosophy be for (Darcie)

No because we cannot answer everything

Primary 6

I think yes because it does not have to be the answer yes or no. You can say I don’t know (Jameelah)

No because some questions are rhetorical questions which don’t have answers (Archie & Angus)

No because in Philosophy there is no right or wrong answer (Eva and Ioli)

Yes because even if it is wrong it is still right (Oscar)

Yes because the word ‘answer’ means your opinion. You don’t need a definite answer.

No because the question could not make sense (Elliot)

No because we have not discovered everything yet (Maddy & Lucie)

Yes and no, because for some things you might be speechless and questions don’t HAVE to be answered (Oliver)