Thinking Thursday Blog

The Junior School pupils have been taking part in some wonderful discussions with their teachers. You can read some of the answers below.

Primary 1:

A cabin because it is hidden – Jamie

A tent because I like to build sand castles – James & Thomas

A tent because I like swimming – Olivia

A cabin because I would like to go star gazing – Joel

A cabin because I like nature – Belle

A cabin so I can build in the trees – Angus

A tent because I could play on the beach every day – Edward

A tent because the ice cream van would visit – Ailsa

A tent because it would be nice to play in the sand – Rory

Primary 2:

Beach – so you can go swimming as I like swimming – Sophia

Beach because you would see more people – Lawrence

Beach as you can go fishing for food – Eric 

Cabin because I love nature – Anna M

On a beach as a cabin is rusty and has spiders! – Arthur 

Both – I’d live in the woods under a big tree, full of nature – Isla 

Primary 3:

I would live on the beach so I could go swimming and play in the sand – Anya 

Cabin in the woods because you would have so much fun – Arran

I would go to the tent on the beach because you will have more sun 

Woods because I would like to be more like cave men – Ranald

I would choose the beach house because in Scotland there’s only harmless basking sharks and even some dolphins and whales.