Thinking Thursday Blog

The Junior School pupils have been taking part in some wonderful discussions with their teachers. You can read some of the answers below.

Do lies exist or is it just different degrees of truth?

Primary 5:

I think lies are different degrees of truth, because if you did something wrong and you didn’t tell, that’s not lying, that’s just not telling anyone anything – Eirene 

I think lies don’t exist because nobody ever has to tell lies! – Isla 

I think that lies are a degree of the truth because everyone will have lots of different perspectives – Sanna 

I think lies exist because if lies didn’t exist you would always get a true answer and then some pranks might not work – Anna M

Yes because if people think something differently, the other person might think it’s a lie – Oliver 

Primary 6:

Lies do exist because we are hiding the truth – Alfie 

I think that lies don’t exist because they might be saying something which they think is right or from a different perspective that you don’t agree with – Maisie 

I think lies do exist because one lie could change a persons life, for example if someone said “you are the worst in the class at football”, they might believe it and not play football when they could have chosen it as their career – Daragh

I think lies do exist because I say “I am the most important person in the world”, that would be a lie because everybody is important – India-Rose

I think that lies do exist because telling the truth is a different way of saying that someone is lying. The truth and lies are two very different things so I don’t think that lies don’t exist – Maya