Thinking Thursday Blog

This week, to mark Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, Primary pupils have been taking part in some wonderful discussions with their teachers at home. You can read some of the answers below:

“Can you know something without knowing that you know it?”

Primary 5:

Yes because if you forget the thing you knew then you knew it – Daniel

When you breathe you don’t really think about it so you don’t really know that you’re doing it unless you are doing mindfulness – Lucy

When you’re hungry you don’t know how your hungry – Natey

If you get left in the town and don’t know how to get home, you will remember hills that you have seen close to your house and then you will find your way home – Elise

If you forget it for a long time then yes, because you knew it then you forgot, which means you don’t know you know it – Zain

You can not know it because you have not learnt it – Struan