Thinking Thursday Blog

This week, Primary 5-6 pupils have been taking part in some wonderful discussions with their teachers at home. You can read some of the answers below:

“Do animals have the same emotions as humans?”

Primary 5:

Yes and no, because they can be scared and happy and sad. I do not think they feel guilty, such as if a Lion ate someone it would not appear to be guilty – Fraser 

My answer is yes, because some days my Rabbits look sad, but then a day later they are happy then they’re angry, so that’s why – Sanna 

Yes and no, because they feel emotions and probably different ones as well – Isla

Yes because they are living – Abigail

Yes because animals can feel down and be really excited – Anna

Yes, because animals have a life and Robots don’t – they are just programmed. Animals can do what they want to do – Oliver 

Yes because animals feel the same emotions as humans like anger, sadness, and happiness – Ioli

Yes because mice are scared of cats – Cameron 

Yes because they feel happy and sad – Angus 

Yes, because they feel the same emotions as us, but not in the same way or at different times – Harald 


“If you could step inside a book, what book would it be and what would you do first?”

Primary 6:

I would go into multiple books – anything exciting! – Raphael 

I would go into ‘Awful Auntie’ because I could arrest the Auntie before she does anything illegal – Alex

I would go into ‘Mistletoe and Murder’ from the series Murder Most Unladylike, because it is my favourite book and I would want to help to solve the murders – Evie

I would go in to ‘His dark materials’ because I really like everything in it and it is my favourite book. I would definitely explore everywhere because the whole place sounds really cool – Lily