Thinking Thursday Blog

It’s the last Thinking Thursday Question of the term, this week it was aimed at the older Primary pupils. You can read some of the wonderful answers below.

“If all of the reindeer had red noses, how would Santa decide who should lead the sleigh?”

Primary 5

I think he should hold yearly auditions for the fastest, strongest and the best sense of direction because all of these qualities are all needed in a leading reindeer. Then, the reindeer with the largest overall score can pull the sleigh – Gia 

I would choose a different reindeer each year because it would be fair – Ioli 

I think he should choose by who the best behaved is. For example, if Blitzen was bad and Comet was good, then it should be Comet because that’s the fairest way – Leyla 

I’d set up a course and whoever would be first would go at the front – Archie 

I would do a reindeer ‘good deed chart’ and whoever got the most good deeds would go at the front – Victor


We look forward to sharing more Thinking Thursday answers in the next term.