Thinking Thursday Blog

This week’s festive Thinking Thursday Question was aimed at the younger years. You can read some of the wonderful answers from the pupils below.

“If you had no money to buy a present, what would you give a brand new baby?”

Primary 1

Give them a smile! – Thomas

Draw them a picture with a love heart – Ben

Use recycling to make a toy – Rory

A photo of your family – Hila

Love! – Ailsa

A Kiss! – Rosslyn

A teddy from my room – Orrin

I would get one of my toys and give it to the baby – Olivia

You could make them a card 

You could make something or give them one of your old toys or clothes that you’ve grown out of – Flora

You could sew them a teddy out of old pillowcases or knit them a jumper – James

I would give the baby my Christmas hat

I would give the baby one of my books – Jad 

I would give it one of my hats from when I was little – Olivia 

Primary 2

Use a card board box to create a dolls house – Eliza

Give the baby something I have already – Florence

Get 2 yogurt pots and glue them together with rice inside to make a rattle – Zach

Use art supplies to make a picture – Isla

Make a card for the baby – Anna

Use wood from trees to build a playhouse – Gus

Use recycling to make a present – Archie 

A kiss because you don’t have to buy it!

Give them love because it makes them happy

If you have something you no longer need they could have it!