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Are dreams real? 

On Thursday, we asked pupils to consider if dreams are real life. A selection of answers are listed below. What do you think? 

“I think dreams are real because you actually think them and no-one else knows about them. Also dreams are real because sometimes you hope for something and it comes true.” Isla

“Dreams aren’t real themselves because they don’t happen in the real world but they can be about something real.” Tom 

“I think they’re not real, but they are a reality in your mind that you either want or don’t want to happen” Jamie 

“I think dreams aren’t real because they don’t actually happen, maybe they do in a land far far away. No-one knows…” Lara 

“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep. Liliane 

“Dreams are real because you can remember some of them. They can make you feel happy and sad when you remember them.” Neve

“Yes because they can be real thoughts and experiences put together in a strange way” Grace 

“I think dreams aren’t real because they happen in your sleep and they are just a vision in your mind” Benito

“I think that in some form dreams ARE real because you can think about them and everyone knows what they are. Even if you can’t tell if they are from real situations, we know that there is an element of truth as they are in your brain and they have to originate from somewhere.” Mary 

“I think dreams are only real in your head when you are sleeping but I think that your dreams, goals or what you are trying to achieve can definitely happen and become real because you can achieve anything you like with the right about of determinations!” Darcey 

“I think dreams can be real, but only if you live up to them.” Hamish 

“No they are not real, because they happen when you are asleep and it is happening in your brain and not real life, though they often are based on your thoughts and ambitions, as well as people and places you know. For instance, when I lost my maths jotter ages ago, I had dreams that I had found it again! I then found the maths book in my piano stool, in real life!” Annie 

“I believe that dreams are real because they are your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Rene Descartes said the famous quote “I think therefore I am” therefore if dreams are thoughts that must mean that dreams  are real.” Becky 

“Dreams are real because you can think about them and ask questions about them” Sophie

 “Dreams are not real. They are just your imagination which means you can do anything you want in your dreams.” Kara 

 “No, but sometimes they could be a wish.” Reef 

“No, dreams are not real because they are your imagination and they are bits of real life that get mixed together to make a story, and when you wake up you find out it’s not real.” Arthur 

“Some parts of dreams can be real because sometimes you dream about real people. Sometimes you dream about being in movies for example star wars, where I am flying a ship or battling stormtroopers! That is not real.” Archie 

“I don’t think dreams are real because your brain makes it up. Indeed, dreams are made of visions and emotions that you have experienced that day. But your brain adds a bit more detail.” India-Rose 

“Dreams are real because at night your memories collide making your dreams.” Aidan