This week’s Thinking Thursday Question was aimed at our younger pupils. You can read some of the wonderful answers from the pupils below.

“If you could go anywhere in the world – where would you go?”


Underwater with my pug

To the beach because I like building sandcastles – Flora & Constance

In a fire engine – Tom

In a police car – Pearl 


Primary 1

China because they speak a different language – Hila

Disneyland to see the characters – Chloe

Australia because there is lots of sun – Sunniva

Africa because there are lions – Thomas

Japan because my daddy likes flying there – James

I want to go where sloths live – Ben


Primary 2

I wouldn’t go anywhere except home!

I would like to go to a random Island because I could do whatever I want

I would go to America because they have lots of Youtubers!

I would like to go to a swimming pool because I could swim like fish

I would go to the North Pole because I can see some polar bears

I would like to go to India because my Granny has been

The North Pole to see Santa – James

Space because it is cool – Alastair

Madagascar because I like the name – Esther

America so then I can see what Rowan did when he lived there – Ruben

Africa because I like the animals – Hector 

Greece because I could swim in the sea – Georgia 

China because I like China, it’s my favourite place in the world 

Brazil because it is hot and has a swimming pool – Margaret

Every candy shop because I love candy!

I would go to the North Pole to meet Santa – Denis 

I would go to Egypt to see the pyramids and mummies – Archie 

I would go to the jungle to build a tree house – Gus 


Primary 3

Australia because it is hot!

To the end of the rainbow…

I would go to America because my family is there

Under water because I like going under water

To Antarctica because it is so cold – Ranald