On World Philosophy Day, our Thinking Thursday Question was aimed at our Primary 4 to Primary 7 pupils. You can read some of the wonderful answers from the pupils below.

“Is it ever unfair to treat people the same?”


Primary 6:

“it depends on what it’s for. If someone was bad and someone was good, the bad one wouldn’t get anything because they have been bad but you wouldn’t really want to be mean to nice people would you? So it would be something that you had to think about.” – Eva

“yes, if it is your birthday you should be treated differently!” – Ollie

“it is unfair to treat people differently, but it depends if your treated nicely of harshly. Also depends who it is. But you should treat people equally because nobody is the same.” – Aditi

“Yes, if someone isn’t treating you very nicely” – Lily

“no everybody should be treated the same way you want to be treated, everybody is equal” -Manasseh

“yes, you don’t treat strangers the same way you would treat your grandma” – Callum

“no it is not unfair to treat others the same because if you were to treat someone badly and treat others nicely it would make some people

feel upset and others feel happy but if you were to treat everyone nicely then everyone would be happy. Every one is the same and should

be treated equally”  – Tiana

“yes, if someone was working really hard they shouldn’t get paid the same as someone who is not” – William

“you can’t treat people the same, we are all different, different personalities, different hobbies. We are all different and we should treat each other equally not the same, so it is unfair to treat people the same” – Heidi

“yes, because some people might want to be treated differently, say some people need to be respected more and that might be the queen,

and it might be harder to respect.” – Edward