This week’s Thinking Thursday Question was aimed at our younger pupils, you can read some of the wonderful answers from the pupils below.

“If you dig up buried treasure…is it yours?”


No because it belongs to pirates – Jed

No because maybe someone wants it – Constance 

Yes because I like treasure…I like shiny coins – Tom

You can keep it if you want to – Hector 

I keep it because I like it – Zara

No because someone might be looking for it – Evie

Yes because shiny treasure is really nice and I like shiny things  – Adrian 

Primary 1

No because the person who put it there might want it back – Sam 

No because it belongs to someone else – Dougal 

You could take one gold coin and leave the rest – Henry 

No because the person who buried it might have wanted to keep it safe – Cameron 

No because if two people want it you have to share – Margaret 

Yes, treasure is yours because you can keep it or hide it – Millie & Teo

No because you might have to do rock, paper, scissors with your friends – Melik

Primary 2

No because it could be very precious to someone – Matilda

No because it could have other germs on it – Sophie

Yes because you could share it – Eliza

No because you could upset someone – Christopher 

No because you don’t take what is not yours – Ivy 

Yes it is because you found it – Gus

No because it could be all they have – William 

No because someone else has been there

If you find it you should look for the owner…

It’s not yours because it belongs to someone 

Yes because no one wants it