The last Thinking Thursday question prior to the October Half Term was aimed at Primary 4 to Primary 7.

You can read some of the wonderful answers from our pupils below.

“do dreams have a purpose?”

Primary 5

Yes because sometimes dreams are telling you to remember something or tell you what might happen- Jameelah

Yes because if you did have dreams you wouldn’t have an imagination – Harald

No because dreams can make you expect too much- Eirene


Primary 7

No because they are figments of your imagination – Eve

Yes because everything has a purpose – Annabel

Yes because without them life would be boring – Amy 

Yes because they give you a goal – Hamish 

It depends on the dream because some have a purpose – Katie

Yes because I have the same dream every time my body wants to tell me something – Georgia

Yes because they affect your actions – Amy and Tess

Yes because they help you make decisions – Alice