This week’s question was aimed at our younger pupils in the school. You can read some of the wonderful answers from our pupils below.

“what would happen if there was no TV?”

Primary 1

We could draw pictures instead – Tanayaa 

It would be a bit boring. You would play with your toys all the time – Ben

It would be dark because the TV helps to light the room – Ailsa

People might feel sad – Olivia 

You couldn’t have movie night with your family – Hector

You could go and watch people doing a play instead – Thomas 

You could go out on your bike instead – Joel

There might be no power – Sunniva

Primary 2

It would be sad because we couldn’t watch programmes but we could read books!

We’d have to invent one…

You could get married instead of having a TV

The children won’t be sad as they wouldn’t know what they were missing

it might be good because television is bad for your eyes 

No more football matches

It would be good for our eyes because less screen time – Zach 

It would stop me researching because TV’s have google – Ethan 

It would let me do more things because I would not get distracted – Bridget

I would not get to watch any cartoons – Roman 

It would be boring because you not get games – Oliver

I would not learn because I do Mathletics on the TV – Christopher