This week’s question was aimed at Primary 4 to Primary 7. You can read some of the wonderful answers from our pupils below.

“….is there a left and a right side to everything?”

Primary 4

Concrete nouns have left and right but abstract nouns like ‘joy’ don’t. Robin

No because there is no left and right to time. Harris

No, there isn’t a left and right side to a day because you normally get the end, the middle and the start. Zoe

Yes, because if you look at a book, even if it’s upside-down it still had a left and a right. Dylan

Yes because you can’t have a left or right side to life. Scarlett

No because words, days, weeks, life and time don’t have them and other things too. Sophie

Primary 7

No, because there are other ways to use directions, such as a compass. No one has heard of a left or a right wind, because it changes on which way you’re looking at it. Elizabeth

I think no, because you can’t get two choices or two paths to go down for everything. Sometimes there’s just one path to go even if you want another choice. Amelia 

I think that there is a left and a right side to everything because no matter what the thing is, it has two sides. Isla

I think there is a left and right side to everything, whether mentally or physically – but not all the time! Because there is always another aspect you can look at things. Grace

No because some things only have one solution, even if many things have more than one. Alex

No because if you were looking at any given physical object, the left and the right sides would change based on how you are looking at it. Rory

No because not everything is physical, some are verbal or thoughts. Edward

There is a left and right to everything because it can be split down the middle. Sorley