This week’s question was aimed at Nursery to Primary 4. You can read some of the wonderful answers from our pupils below.

“What would happen if all of the water disappeared from the world?”


There wouldn’t be water at the beach – Valla 

The taps wouldn’t have water… – Helena

No washing hands and I would get all thirsty – Georgia 

All animals would die – Thomas

We couldn’t have a bath – Frederick 

The Elephants couldn’t drink – Sandy 

No water in the clouds – Fable 

Primary 1

We might have to move to another planet that has water – Louis 

If there was a fire we couldn’t put it out – Angus 

The sea creatures wouldn’t be here anymore – Ailsa

We couldn’t go swimming – Rosslyn

Toilets, sinks, baths and showers wouldn’t work because they need water – Ben 

Humans would die because we need water to survive – Hector & Reg

Every single sea creature would die – Ben 

If we were thirsty we couldn’t drink anything – Tanayaa

Primary 2

We should get water and put it on a plane to save us!

The Earth would just be a rock

The trees will die because they need water

There would be no clouds because they are made of water

Everything would die because the plants are dead and they give us air

The sky wouldn’t be blue because of there being no sea….

People would have to go to another planet