This week’s question was aimed at Primary 4 to Primary 7. You can read some of the wonderful answers from our older junior school pupils below.

“If you could make one improvement to the world – what would it be?”

Primary 7

“I would stop hunting all animals for sport because it can wipe out animals”

“No viruses so we can all have fun again”

“I would give animals their own planet so they wouldn’t have to suffer because of us” Iona

“I would make the whole world kind” Phoebe

“To stop climate change because I want to have a healthy planet”

“To stop poverty because lots of people are suffering around the world”

“To help nature because we will depend on it in our future and also make the world a nicer place”

“I would make it double as big so more space could be donated to animals” Douglas

“I would get rid of climate change because it is destroying the planet” Magnus

“I would stop deforestation so we can save lots of animals” Isabel