Heriot’s is the first school in Scotland to achieve the SAPERE P4C Gold Award for teaching of philosophy. The Gold Award is awarded for schools that have fully embedded P4C (Philosophy for Children), and this is reflected in the school ethos.

Our team of experienced, highly trained Primary teachers has devised a curriculum tailored for pupils from Nursery to Primary 7 comprising of blocks of lessons and activities based on Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Philosophical Enquiry and Thinking Skills.

For many parents, they choose to apply to come to George Heriot’s because of the focus on learning enhancement, health and well-being. Parents have particularly enjoyed the parent P4C workshops, and now understand why their children are coming home with ‘smart questions’.

Our pupils come together as a community, generate open and philosophical questions, use the language of enquiry, and model collaborative and caring behaviour towards each other.

Look out for our ‘Thinking Thursday’ Blogs which show a range of thought-provoking answers given by our pupils.