RRS Poster Competition

RRS Article of the Month Poster Competition

The Junior School Rights Respecting Schools group is focusing on a different article each month from the UNCRC.

The Article of the month for February was Article 28 – The Right to Education.

“I think education is important because it will help you achieve your goals as well as helping you have a better future.” Tess (P7)

“I think education is important because it can teach you to interact with others and learn how to become the best person you can be!” Isabel (P7)

“Everyone should be able to have an education” Kate (P7)


Well done to the winners from the RRS Poster Competition last month:

Adrian (P6), Aidan (P7), Eric (P2), Fraser (P7), Ioli (P5), Leif (P1), Matilda (P2), Neve (P7), Tor (P1)