Return of Thinking Thursdays

The start of the new term welcomes the return of the Thinking Thursday Blog, run by our Learning Enhancement Department.

Philosophy is taught at George Heriot’s from Nursery to Primary 7 and research has shown that participating in Philosophy lessons have a lasting effect on a child’s academic progress and their ability to think critically and creatively. Each week, our pupils are asked a thought-provoking question, allowing them to think creatively and all of the answers had to include reasons using ‘because’…..

This week’s question was aimed at our Primary 4 to Primary 7 pupils and you can read some of the answers given below.

“If you could read someone’s mind, whose mind would you want to read?”

I would choose Miss Attenborough because she is always so clever and involved. P4

Donald Trump because I would like to know if he wears fake tan. P4

The mind that I want to read is Santa Claus because you know all the presents and he is very wise. P4


My pets, because they can’t speak and I’d like to understand what they want/need. P5

My brother, so I can stop him stealing my sweets. P5

My parents because I would like to help them. P5

A murderer or criminal, so that I could help the police and prevent crimes from happening. P5

I want to read my dogs mind because I would know what she wanted. P5

I would read my 2 month old sister’s mind because I want to know how a baby thinks and I would like to know what she wants when she cries. P5

I would read my mums mind so I could find out if she is a spy. P5

I would read the mind of a lion to see whether they prefer to live in the wild or the zoo. P5


I would like to read my friend’s mind because I would like to make sure they are not sad. P6

I would like to read a teacher’s mind because they know everything. P6


I would like to read animals’ minds so I can learn to speak their language. P7

I would like to read a hedgehog’s mind to see how it lives. P7

Sir Dave Brailsford because I would like to know how to be a pro-cyclist. P7

No-one’s because I like to respect privacy. P7

No-one’s because if they are planning a surprise you would know. P7

I would like to know what my guinea pigs think so I know what they are talking about. P7