Poverty Awareness Week

The Junior School’s Financial Education focus took place this month, specifically looking at poverty (both locally and globally).

P7 pupils from the Rights Respecting School’s Steering Group introduced the focus, including all of the lessons and activities happening during ‘Poverty Awareness Week’.

Activities include an ‘In my Shoes’ sponsored challenge, Foodbank Collection and a presentation from the CEO of ‘Invisible Cities’ involving tips for pupils on how to run a social enterprise.

Each class was given the task of coming up with a fundraising initiative and choosing a charity to donate to. Some examples of class initiatives include….

  • P3D are encouraging each other to walk 7 miles in 7 days or walking the 7 hills of Edinburgh over the holidays.
  • P3J are taking part in a sponsored silence
  • P4A have chosen Social Bite & Shelter for Scotland as their Charities they will be donating to and supporting. Dali (P4A) led a presentation sharing her fundraising idea with the class ‘Stones of Hope’. The idea is that P4 will paint rocks/stones and then sell them to neighbours and family, all of the stones to be painted with images of hope – sunshine, rainbows etc.
  • P5E came up with the idea of removing all of the chairs from the classroom one day to give them an understanding of what it is like for children in poorer countries and for homeless people who don’t have the luxury of having a chair to sit on all day. Money raised is being donated to Rock Trust.

We were blown away by the response from parents, pupils and staff for the Foodbank collection on Friday 26 March. All collections are going to Edinburgh South East Foodbank.

The Rights Respecting Schools Steering Group spent registration sorting through all of the donations.

The Heriot’s Community is definitely distributing chearfullie – a big thank you to everyone who contributed.