Charity News

Last week, Senior School pupils received a presentation from volunteers Alan and Katherine Strang who work with the charity Refugee Support. The charity is a small organisation founded in 2016 in response to the growing humanitarian crisis in Europe – an issue which continues to this day. Tens of thousands of refugees are living in makeshift camps, with limited access to essential supplies and resources, uncertain about if and when they will be able to move on and restart their lives.

Alan and Katherine spoke about the Charity’s aim to provide human dignity, which is at the heart of their activities. They shared stories about the people they met and the harrowing experiences some of them faced before fleeing their home countries. They spoke about the Charities vision to provide aid with dignity and how in Greece, for example, they set up a free shop where people used Refugee Support ‘money’ to ‘buy’ whatever they wanted. In Cyprus, the charity set up the first ever Dignity Centre so that people have a safe space to learn, earn and regain their independence.

Pupils were  moved by the stories they heard and we hope this helped to inspire them to continue to Distribute Chearfullie after they leave Heriot’s.

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