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Is the world a piece of art?

Yesterday, we asked our pupils if they thought the world was a piece of art as part of our Learning Enhancement programme, which encourages pupils to take part in philosophical thinking. Read more about the programme here.

Some of our pupils answers can be read below:

  • Yes it is, because people can contribute their ideas and ideas are art.
  • Yes, because when you look at the wold from space, it looks like someone has drawn it and it is beautiful.
  • No, because it is natural, nobody painted or drew it and for it to be art it needs to be created by someone.
  • World or eARTh… it is in the name!
  • Yes, because the world is very creative and art is made in a creative mindset

Philosophy for children is designed to open up conversations, nurturing critical, creative, collaborative and caring thought processes. It improves outcomes in literacy and numeracy, particularly for children facing disadvantage. Research from the Nuffield Foundation also shows that the study of philosophy enhances communication skills, teamwork and resilience.