Why is it important to teach Philosophy?

At George Heriot’s, Philosophy is taught from Nursery to Primary 7 using the P4C method and many of our parents have attended our workshops to develop their own philosophical thinking. We are delighted to be a leader nationally in this subject and are the only school in Scotland to have achieved a Silver Award from the SAPERE organisation, which recognises the high standard of teaching and participation in this subject.

There are many advantages to teaching our children Philosophy:

  • It improves literacy and language skills, encouraging children to develop their articulacy and self-expression.
  • It improves concentration and thinking skills.
  • It encourages children to be more effective in collaboration, group work and reasoning.
  • It is relevant for all pupils, whatever their religion or beliefs, promoting respect for self and others.
  • Pupils are encouraged to reflect on issues of justice and truth.
  • Philosophy offers opportunities for personal reflection and prepares pupils for adult life.

“Philosophy helps me to widen my thinking, make past connections, link my ideas to others and reach a new perspective.” Primary 7 pupil