Love Your Mind

The ‘Head Gardeners’ is Heriot’s very own pupil-led team, which focuses on mental wellbeing in school.

The group, who are all S6 pupils, impressed delegates from schools all over Scotland in November when they presented at the Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools Conference. Highlighting the strategies that are used at George Heriot’s to improve understanding of how to cultivate positive mental health, the ‘Head Gardeners’ key message to the delegates was that you can Love Your Mind by taking action and growing your mental wellbeing just as you can take action to promote your physical wellbeing.

The group engaged their audience with ‘goody bags’ containing items that could be used to ease stress, including bubbles to help concentrate breathing in times of stress. Their presentation generated a lot of positive comments on social media from influential figures in the education and charity sector, including from Friends of the Earth Scotland Trustee, Marie McCormack who described Heriot’s contribution as “a packet of love in our bags!”

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